Dual LEDs, 700 lumens, 90m throw all in a keychain flashlight under $30!

Nitecore TIP SE Review

We’re looking at the new Nitecore TIP SE. This keychain flashlight features Dual Osram LEDs and producs an impressive 700 lumens, a 90 m throw all for under $30!

This is the latest Dual LED Keychain flashlight from Nitecore and looks like a hybrid between the Nitecore TIP and TIP 2. This light is nearly as powerful as the TIP 2 but it has an upgraded body and USB-C charging.

The Nitecore TIP SE keychain flashlight was very kindly sent directly from Nitecore to flashlightsreview.com for review. They were also kind enough to offer FlashlightsReview’s viewers a 10% off coupon if you buy it from their store. The code is YOU10 and you can buy directly from Nitecore our affiliate link on Amazon.

We also put together a Google Sheets comparing the top Keychain Flashlights so be sure to check that out. It’s easy to sort by price, lumens, runtime, weight and more!

What's in the box?

The Tip SE comes with a manual, a warranty card and a key ring. A USB-C cable is not included but you can add one to your order.


Specs of the Nitecore TIP SE


Maximum Brightness: 700 lumens
Peak Beam Distance: 90m
Peak Beam Intensity: 2100 cd
IP Rating: IP54
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Battery: 500 mAh lithium-ion battery
Dimensions: L-2.36″ x W-0.96″ x H-0.54″
Weight: 0.92oz / 26g

Brightness Output, Runtime and Throw

The Nitecore TIP SE has 4 brightness Modes!

Turbo – 700 lumens (tested 667.4), 15 min runtime, 90m throw, 2100cd

High – 180 lumens (tested 186.3), 1 hour 30 min runtine, 45m throw, 500cd

Mid – 30 lumens (tested 48.4), 8 hours runtime, 18m throw, 80cd

Low – 1 lumens (tested 1.2), 50 hours runtime, 4m throw, 4cd

LEDs and Beam Profile

This light has 2 OSRAM P8 LEDs with a total reflective optix lens and it produces an evenly distributed white light. 


Modes, Battery and Charging

The Nitecore TIPSE has 4 different brightness modes, a daily use mode and also a demo mode.

Charging is via a USB-C cables and it takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge the built in 500 mAh battery. It also has multiple built in charging safeguards.

Standby time of the Nitecore TIP SE is approximately 12 months if the battery is fully charged which is excellent if you plan to keep this light in storage as a backup to your primary flashlight. 

Body and Materials

The body has an HA III Military grade anodized finish and can withstand drops of 1m. It’s also IP54 rated for use in all weather. 

It has a loop for a keychain ring which comes included. The Nitecore TIP SE is not magnetized and it does not stand on its tail.

It also comes with a detachable pocket clip which can be used to clip the flashlight to different itmes including a hat, pocket or the outside of a backpack and it also helps to protect the user from accidental activation.


Size Comparisons

Pros and Cons of the Nitecore TIP SE

The Pros 👍

✔️ The Nitecore TIPSE offers incredible 700 lumen output for a keychain light under $30. This is one of the most impressive keychain lights I’ve ever seen and it’s even more impressive than the RovyVon Aurora keychain flashlights ive tested so far.

✔️ The light has 4 different modes and a max runtime of 50 hours. This is one of the best run times for a flashlight in this category. It also has a 500 mAh battery which is much larger than most lights of similar size.

✔️It’s also very small and light and not noticeable in the pocket or keychain. 

The Cons 👎

❌ The Nitecore TIPSE is only IP54 rated, not IP68, and has a very low tolerance for water. On a Reddit thread user u/Guserroo5 remarked that he got his light wet the first time he used it and it no longer works. There is also no cover protecting the USB port.

❌The switch protrudes from the body and could potentially activate in your pocket unintentionally. This was discussed by several users on CandlePowerForums. I carried it around for a week and Turbo activated in my pocket as well. However, if you use the included pocket clip, you can use it to protect the buttons from accidental activation. I was not using this.

❌ The included clip is made of plastic, not metal and its durability is a concern. This was mentioned by several users on nitecorestore.com.

Also, there is no charging cable included depending on where you buy it from. This is a pain if you do not have one.

Final thoughts on the Nitecore TIPSE

If you are looking for one of the brightest keychain flashlights for a reasonable price, this light definitely needs to be considered. Overall the Nitecore TIP SE is very impressive. 

Nitecore has a great reputation and this light comes from a long line of keychain flashlights.

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Comments about the Nitecore TIP SE

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