Dual LEDs for White and Red light, 260 lumens, 22 grams for $25!

Fenix E03R Review

We’re looking at the much anticipated E03R keychain flashlight from Fenix. Dual LED flashlights are becoming more and more popular and we’re excited to share how this one stacks up! 

This light was purchased by FlashlightsReview.com from Amazon. The light was shipped and delivered in 2 days. Fenix, if you see this, please send me some more of your lights in the future!

Fenix has never released a keychain light like this before. The most lights they offer that are suitable for keychains are the E12 and the E05 but they are not as bright, not rechargeable and they do not have dual LEDs. We also reviewed the Nitecore TIP SE [link] which is the most comparable flashlight we’ve come across. 

I’ve been a fan of Fenix for quite some time and the first legit flashlight I ever purchased was a PD35 about 5 years ago and it works as good now as the first day I bought it.

If you are interested you can purchase this light using our affiliate link on Amazon!

We also put together a Google Sheets comparing the top Keychain Flashlights so be sure to check that out. It’s easy to sort by price, lumens, runtime, weight and more!

What's in the box?

The Fenix E03r comes with a key chain ring, a manual and a warranty. This flashlight does not come with a USB-C cable so you need to purchase one separately if you do not have one. The one I purchased on Amazon came with a charging cable from Nitecore.

Specs of the [Flashlight]


LED: MATCH CA18 LED and  Everlight 2835
Maximum Brightness: 260 Lumens Max White Light Output
Peak Beam Distance: 42m
Peak Beam Intensity: 441 cd
IP Rating: IP66

Impact Resistance: 1.5 m
Battery: built-in 200mAh Li-po battery
Dimensions: 1.8″L x 0.94″W x 0.47″H
Weight: 0.78oz / 22g


Brightness Output, Runtime and Throw

The Fenix E03R has 6 different lighting modes!

High – 260 lumens (tested 241.4), 45 min runtime, 42m throw, 441cd

Medium – 80 lumens (tested 72.9), 1 hour 15 min runtine, 25m throw, 156cd

Low – 30 lumens (tested 27.8), 3 hours runtime, 16m throw, 64cd

Eco – 5 lumens (tested 5.4), 18 hours runtime, 7m throw, 13cd

Red – 4 lumens (tested 3.9), 5 hours 30 min runtime, 10m throw, 25cd

Red Flash – 4 lumens


Operating the Fenix E03R is very simple and intuitive.

To turn the white light on, simply press and hold the button for 0.5 seconds.

To turn the red light on, press and hold for 1.2 seconds. 

To cycle through the various modes, press the button.

To turn the light off, press and hold the button for 0.5 seconds.

This light also has a battery life indicator. To check how much charge you have left, simply push the button when the light is off. The battery status will also display each time the light is switched on.

Green constant indicates a charge of  100% – 70%

Green flashes indicate 70% – 40%

Red constant means 40% – 10%

Red flashes indicates  10% – 1%

LEDs and Beam Profile

The E06R is equipped with a MATCH CA18 LED which produces a soft white light suitable for everyday tasks. The red light is an Everlight 2835 red light LED which is great for up close use if you don’t want to damage your night vision. The red is also good for signalling.

Battery and Charging

The Fenix E03R is powered by a built in 200mAh Li-polymer Battery. Fenix recommends recharging the light at least once every 4 months if you are going to keep it stored.

Charging is via USB-C cable and it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes for the light to fully charge. To charge, turn the Fenix E03R off and plug it in. The indicator will glow red when charging and then green when its fully charged. A charging cable is not included.  There’s a charging port cover which you should remember to close as well.

Body and Materials


The body of the E03r has a premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish made from A6061- T6 aluminum alloy. 

It is very rugged and can stand up to a 1.5m drop which is quite suitable for keychain use.

It’s also IP66 rated which means it’s completely safe from dust and other particles and it can withstand rain and splashes. I would not recommend submerging this light but there’s a decent chance it would still work.

The button is recessed which is helpful to prevent accidental activation. 

There’s a small loop on the end to attach this to a key ring, however because of this it can not stand on its tail. The Fenix E03R is not magnetized either.

Dimensions, Weight and Comparisons


The Fenix E03R Keychain Flashlight dimensions are as follows:

1.85″ x 0.94″ x 0.47″ / 47 x 24 x 12mm

and the weight:

0.78oz / 22g

It’s a very compact light and is barely noticeable making it excellent for everyday carry.

Pros and Cons of the Fenix E03R

The Pros 👍

✔️ The Fenix E03Rs dual LEDs produce white and red light make this light very versatile and are not often seen on keychain lights for this good of a price.

✔️ The button is recessed to help reduce the chance of accidental activation. It also has a lock mode which requires 2 clicks. This light will not accidentally activate in your pocket. However, it is difficult to find the button in the dark and will take a bit of getting used to.

✔️ Lightning fast USB-C charging and battery life indicator are very convenient. This is one of a very small handful of keychain lights to offer these features.

✔️ The Fenix E03R is very well built. It can withstand drops, poor weather and it just feels great to hold. 

The Cons 👎

❌ It would be great if the light was more powerful.. 260 lumens and a 42m throw is sufficient, but it would be great to have more since many other lights like the RovyVon Aurora A1X Cree offers 650 lumens and the Nitecore TIPSE is a whopping 700 lumens and throws 90m!

❌ The Fenix E03R lacks a 1 lumen mode. In our opinions this is nice to have as it would improve the overall runtime.

Also, there is no charging cable included depending on where you buy it from. This is a pain if you do not have one. Some people also do not like internal batteries.

Final thoughts on the Fenix E03R

I tested this light over the course of a week and brought it along for several late night walks and it did a great job of lighting up the darker areas and signalling my presence to traffic. 

Fenix also offers a 5 year free repair warranty if problems develop from normal use. The light is very well made and I get the feeling that it would last for years on my keychain if needed.

Overall the Fenix E03R is an excellent keychain flashlight and is well worth its reasonable price and for now it definitely has earned a place on my keychain.

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